Get Lit in Brooklyn aka Glitter

Precisely as my headline or Title states I love to get LIT IN GLITTER. In glitter hahah as in makeup! I had great pleasure dealing with this business and I have to say customer service was superb. I had done my research and found out that the brand was vegan. Also the companies founder took the time to write a hand written note for me. How fab!

Here is a brief pic of the note:

I was really flattered and have been trying out the new colors. I did have problems utilizing the glue I admit. Its very sticky on the lids and I find that I have to layer a lot. You have to use a brush to apply it. Its easier when I utilize it on my hand which is irrelevant since I believe its made for the eyes only. Hey, be creative use it for whatever you want! There is such a thing as body glitter.

I have four different colors of which I included the swatches from top to bottom:

  1. Couleur Vadette
  2. Cher
  3. Seeing Stars
  4. California Soul

I loved the fact that I did get three of the colors for free from this company. The customer service was great! I believe I got 20% off my whole order but don’t call me out on it because I don’t fully remember. The packaging is great for both glitters and glue.

In conclusion I might try the application again as I believe I need practice but it feels very heavy on my lids and sticky which is suppose to be normal as per the directions. I might try a different glue if my opinion doesn’t change. I do like the colors of the glitter, the concept and also the company especially their customer service.

Let me know what you guys think. Full disclosure people I am not paid to advertise this is 100% my opinion!