Nonexistent sisterhood Part 1

So lately things have been really discussed in the media about “rape culture”. I have read comments regarding these articles in various websites. There have been couple of comments talking about defending oneself and speaking out which helps with future victims not being victimized. A lot of the comments were nasty towards Rose McGowen taking a settlement from Harvey Weinstein and speaking out at such a later date. That Rose should have stood up to him and that would have protected future victims.

Well I want too talk about the backlash that victims face when they do speak up.

Earlier this year in March I had a domestic instance where I got assaulted by brother physically. This included being punched in the face multiple times around the eye socket to the point of enduring stitches. The police got involved and he was arrested. Since I was residing with him at the time and other family members which included, my mother and two other brothers, I was kicked to the streets by my mother. She decided that she rather keep the abuser, her son, rather then her daughter, the victim. Now this isn’t the same as being raped but I guess it comes somewhat close to the issue here.

My sister, whose married,  never once called me to ask me what happened. I called her a couple of days later and she told me she didn’t need the stress that comes with interacting with me. Not once was I asked if I needed help or even what the situation was that caused it. Rather she told me she was advised by my brother’s attorney that she couldn’t get involved. Honestly that doesn’t make sense to me since she isn’t even part of that household. There is an order of protection in place which doesn’t apply to her but the person, my supposed brother.

Ever since I have been facing backlash. I come from a Pakistani Muslim family. Well supposedly I could say we are all immigrants and we just got off the boat. That would explain the cultural reasons behind my brothers act of violence maybe? Yet no my siblings and I are born or raised here.

I have friends of the family tell me that I was antagonistic and hostile. I was argumentative and lived independently for a time. My brother justified himself by saying that I argued all the time. There was no mention of the verbal abuse that I had to endure on a daily basis. Such as being called a “fat cow”, “failure” “bitch” and even being told that I should cook for them since I had nothing better to do. All three of my brothers verbally abused me until one of them decided it okay to attack me physically. There was no mention of the fact that I was ill and that my younger brothers should respect me since I am the oldest as Islam or our culture mentions.

Then things got worse. I was told to drop the case by my mother but in the same breath told  that she didn’t want to see me again. Supposedly family friends pressured me to do the same. At the same time my weight was criticized not caring of the fact that I yet again dealing with health issues and medical side effects. I was ostracized from community events and these very friends avoided me in the streets.  Meanwhile I was living with roommates that were shady in a small room in Brooklyn while most of my stuff was in storage.

My sister was pregnant for seven months and didn’t tell me. She even had a baby shower and didn’t invite me. Her preference was to have her co-workers and friends at her baby shower. Then add insult to injury she tells me after she posts the pictures on Facebook like I am one of her fans and she is some sort of famous celebrity. Meanwhile she constantly posts about women’s rights and domestic violence aka solidarity on Facebook like she cares about these issues. Oh please, the hypocrisy is laughable.

The last straw for me was when she had her kid on Sunday and posts it on Facebook five days later. Meanwhile no text or call. Even though I had called her a couple of weeks before just wondering how things were with no response. I am her older sister dealing with a predicament and yet I had still cared enough to call her. So where is the love for this sisterhood. Nowhere, pretty much. Supposedly she is a western woman born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and yet her silence condones the whole issue.

But then again what would you expect from someone who invites a pedophile to her wedding? Which is folks the reason I boycotted her wedding to begin with but that is a tale alas for another day! In the end I decided whether or not I cared about my nephew was irrelevant. So I decided to block this sisterhood on Facebook instead.


Am I Asian enough?

So I went to the hospital in Brooklyn, New York Community Hospital to be precise, the other day and I was asked my race. I had been there before but apparently the clerk was thrown off by the word “Asian”. She was like I don’t look Asian and gave me an attitude when she said that. I was taken aback and was like “Sure, I’m Asian.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to give her details about my background or a geography lesson. On the other hand the experience resounded with me. So what’s the definition of the word Asian. defines it as “a native or inhabitant of Asia, or a person of Asian descent.”  The US consensus had the following definition:


Here is a map of Asia: 

Russia is on the map for Asia and yet I don’t think people from Russia identify themselves as Asian. A lot of Middle Eastern countries are in Asia and yet is it really the Middle East? Like Saudia Arabia,Iraq and Iran….. I have heard Egypt being considered part of the Middle East yet geographically its so apart from the former countries (Saudia Arabia, and Iran) mentioned. In this specific map even Turkey is considered to be Asian even though aren’t they a European country?

So the next question I would ask is would you be offended if someone asked you about you race and thought like in my case that you didn’t look  Asian. Would it bother you if you didn’t fit the norm of what’s Black or White enough? Like is there is a justification needed for where your originally from?



The cradle arrives

the precious bundle



dreams upon dreams, cars bestowed, houses in rows


aimless repugnant, superficial fastidious yet suave


unkempt, no etiquette, Tiffany, unaware debutante


misery, lies, foreboding, ill


dreams, lost world, ostracized


rocks, beginnings, labels/pointed fingers


Kindness begets capitalism, masses beget a person,

Cradles continent.



The Lady

In awe she sits,

romanticizing people or one specific person.

Led numerous lives, hydras upon hydras

She wonders if it was God that spoke to her or the devil that came.

Collisions upon blows asunder.


Weals upon weals, soul suffers……

Muted. pain, welts penetrate

Kindness beget abuse;

Salubrious bloomed trepidation.

Hydras came; Heads upon heads no foliage

Governess Time escorts deplorable to meet

Euphoria are you there?

Leave, Begone Time for you dunno

The Lotus eater!



Boxy Charm November 2016

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription that retails for $21.00. Each month you get 5 full sized products. This is my third month on the subscription service and I decided to share it. This months box was great. I was so happy with my makeup subscription plus I got an item that so far hasn’t been mentioned in any video or by any blogger. So that is going to be a surprise item as that wasn’t even  mentioned in the sneak peak on any online platform by Boxycharm. This month’s theme was Groovy Town.

  1. Vintage by Illuminating Highlighter: ILLUMINATING FACE HIGHLIGHTER                The packaging is really nice and old school glam. I tried the highlight on and it lasted for quite a long time and had a nice sheen. I had never heard of the brand before the un-boxing but I truly believe this will be a great addition to my collection. The product is full price and retails for $32.00
  2. Skyn Iceland- Icelandic Relief Eye Pen: I own a couple of things from this brand from this brand. First of all this brand is vegan and I really like their Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed skin Lotion which is great for acne which I tend to have. I also already own the pen which I look forward to testing. This retails for $20.Icelandic Relief Eye Pen
  3. Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette: The cool down palette is great but a bit chalky. It did smear for me in the water line towards the end of the night. I did create a great eye look that lasted a long time. The overall value of the palette is $49.95.
  4. Crown Brush C513Peo Detail Crease: I haven’t tried the brush yet but it seems like  a sturdy brush. It’s suppose to be for the crease. The overall value of the brush is $12.99.
  5. Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush: SOFT BLEND BLUSHThere was no inkling that there would be a possible second Studio product for certain subscribers. Its a matte shade and could also be used to contour lightly as mentioned in the card in the box. The value of the blush $17.00 Most subscribers got a lip product so this was a pleasant surprise.                                                                                            The overall value of the box exceeded the $21.00 dollar spent and was a total of $132. This months box exceeded my expectation. Yesterday I almost did a full face makeup look which is mostly impossible with other subscriptions. In conclusion this month’s box was great and well worth my hard earned money.!

Elf’s Beauty Squad

So I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the points for Elf’s Beauty Squad feature. it consisted of me getting excited and having a cart of $80 dollars worth of stuff. I was under the impression that I could utilize the points towards the redemption of some of the goodies in my basket. This was due to the the reason the page at the time said that 6 points = 1 and since I was in the A lister category I had a ton of points. The rewards was obscure and I went into the FAQS for clarification.

It was highly disappointing for me to find out that I could choose one item for five hundred points. For five hundred points I could choose only only gifts that were up to $7 and they weren’t attractive items. At the time ELF had a code that everybody could have utilized which gave three free makeup items and also magazines which was worth way MORE. The redemption codes for the Beauty Squad aren’t befitting the amount of points you need to give up. As the following states :

The first one for 150 points is okay. For 500 points you also get a gift with purchase difference is you can choose it. The 350 points gift is a mystery. 750 points helps you attain 25% off your purchase. Is it for all of ELF items? I don’t know. As new items are not part of promos or redemption’s which makes the Beauty Squad program a complete flop. This is due to the fact that ELF has regular promos for regular items for 40% to 50% off. So its meaningless to have this program and in no regards make me want to spend more money as a consumer just because I am a beauty squad member. Mind you I am an “A” Lister.

My suggestions allow your system to accept two promo codes. Change one of the promo codes, in the Beauty Squad rewards, where the consumer gets gifts. If the consumer does choose gifts for 500 points, let them choose up to $16 dollars worth of items, which is based on the value Elf gave to 150 points. The choose your sale day should encompass all your items on the website. This exception should only be done for the Beauty Squad rewards. Which also means that the consumer can choose their gifts from the new items section as well!

I did end up purchasing some goodies. Especially some new items. Let me know if you would like a review or if you’d ever used the Beauty Squad points before?


Experience a mouth-off, ShopRite

Ranters, not too long ago in Brooklyn, I had a mouth off fiasco. Now what does that mean do you ask? Or even be like who cares? Lolz, I can’t blame you.

I shop at ShopRite because  of the savings it provides for me. There are some weird characters lurking there from time to time but nothing that would deter me to stop buying the groceries I needed.

Now my mom and I like to recycle and we use the bottle bins where you would get the 5 cents back. YES I am ADMITTING this in public. I am the one who stands against the local Brooklyn Chinese women who refuses to donate  my trash can of plastic and glass bottles. Now that I have confessed my scarlet letter is open to the public.

Then my mom has also taught me the art of coupons. We try to use as many as possible. I have not gotten to the Krazy Coupon lady status but it does save money.

So when we got to the window the coupons got a little confusing because they were both from manufacturers and from ShopRite. That being said a middle aged guy started yelling at both my mother and I that we were cheap, we had no money and of course we were holding up the line. This made me angry and I stood up for myself by saying “if the roles were reversed I would have waited calmly for you.” A second guy got involved. Then there was also an issue being made by additional people by which method of payment we were using: EBT SNAP, Cash, or Credit Card. Apparently if you use a credit card with coupons your extremely poor. At that point I ranted and told him he could either offer the money or “shut-up”  and everybody else “could mind their own business.” Omg, Brooklynites so many people mouthing off at the same time that could led to a headache.

The cashier was also slightly off
her light bulb. We gave her the ticket for the bottle deposit and she didn’t minimize the balance but rather did a whole transaction which made our fans groan in misery some more. Supermarkets tend to have long lines in Brooklyn but this crowd was just obnoxious. I made sure when I made things clear but things got strange when the cashier turned around and said “You are a receiver” with a slightly glazed look on her face.  “IDIOT” and I walked away with my groceries. Why would she even say that as a cashier working in a grocery store?!

Wet n Wild Lipsticks

Ranters I have to convey my latest Rant on how GREAT these lipsticks are! They have been compared on YouTube to Mac Lipsticks plus they are Cruelty Free. Save the Bunnies Peeps. The cost is inexpensive $1.99 and at times 50% off at any local drugstore. Sweet!

My fellow blogger BMJ2K was very passionate not too long ago about Wet n Wild. So there will be other episodes or blogs dedicated to this brand as they have launched new items recently and were brought to THIS RANTER’S attention by Mr. BMJ2K ! Just kidding but he does like giving me the push I need to rant to my hearts content LOLS.

This brand takes it upon itself to put itself out there regarding how it represents itself and its image to customers. The ingredients are mentioned in the FAQ’a which is easily accessible. They also have a vegan list in the FAQ’s which makes them an even more valuable brand which great prices and values.

Without further ado lets begin………Here are the swatches of all the nice MegaLast lip colors that I currently own:

Lipstick Swatches

  1. 24 Carrot Gold: Its a Great summer color that is always in my purse.
  2. Pink Suga: Awesome nude shade if your looking for one. Goes with mostly all skin tones
  3. Purty Persimmon: I heard is a great dupe for some Mac shades. I have no idea which shades but I bought it anyway. You can probably do a search on YouTube for the exact shade
  4. Pinkerbell: Love the name! What a fairy tale?! Where the hell is my prince charming people!
  5. Bare it All: Oh ya going Nude is the way to go
  6. Just Peachy: is perfect lip heaven. It goes great with Lip gloss
  7. Dollhouse Pink: is NEON pink. Excellent shade for the summer.
  8. Raven Raisin is such a unique  color. Great for Halloween or if your into Wicca. Beautiful and bold for a daring look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Beautiful lip colors all in their own right. I also want to talk about their packaging. Packaging is very cheap with the top coming off damaging my lipstick. It was upsetting since it caused the lipstick to break from the bottom like it was on a roller coaster ride. Also the lipstick does get all over the top cover like no tomorrow.  So cheap packaging is given but then again you do get what you pay for which is $1.99 BUT Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish Lipsticks is only $0.99 and the packaging is way better. So I think they can actually make their MegaLast Lipsticks packaging more durable. I hope Wet n Wild will consider my suggestion.                                                                           Last and not least I would like to say I am not being sponsored to rant my innermost thought.  Let me know what colors you have. How you feel about Wet n wild or just say Hi as a ranter!

Jack and Jill

I ventured out in Sheepshead Bay the other day and I found this cute little monument of two little kids. It made me think of the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill which most of us hear growing up.

I thought this was so unique in the neighborhood that I had to take a picture. It also helped that I was enjoying some burgers that day with my fellow Blogger, Bmj2k. My House Burgers are the jam even though they might be a tad bit expensive. Here is their profile on yelp:

Being that I am pro bono advertiser you can trust me when I say that their Burgers are delicious! My personal preference is the Rio Burger. One word to describe that is YUMM!

Get Lit in Brooklyn aka Glitter

Precisely as my headline or Title states I love to get LIT IN GLITTER. In glitter hahah as in makeup! I had great pleasure dealing with this business and I have to say customer service was superb. I had done my research and found out that the brand was vegan. Also the companies founder took the time to write a hand written note for me. How fab!

Here is a brief pic of the note:

I was really flattered and have been trying out the new colors. I did have problems utilizing the glue I admit. Its very sticky on the lids and I find that I have to layer a lot. You have to use a brush to apply it. Its easier when I utilize it on my hand which is irrelevant since I believe its made for the eyes only. Hey, be creative use it for whatever you want! There is such a thing as body glitter.

I have four different colors of which I included the swatches from top to bottom:

  1. Couleur Vadette
  2. Cher
  3. Seeing Stars
  4. California Soul

I loved the fact that I did get three of the colors for free from this company. The customer service was great! I believe I got 20% off my whole order but don’t call me out on it because I don’t fully remember. The packaging is great for both glitters and glue.

In conclusion I might try the application again as I believe I need practice but it feels very heavy on my lids and sticky which is suppose to be normal as per the directions. I might try a different glue if my opinion doesn’t change. I do like the colors of the glitter, the concept and also the company especially their customer service.

Let me know what you guys think. Full disclosure people I am not paid to advertise this is 100% my opinion!