Experience a mouth-off, ShopRite

Ranters, not too long ago in Brooklyn, I had a mouth off fiasco. Now what does that mean do you ask? Or even be like who cares? Lolz, I can’t blame you.

I shop at ShopRite because  of the savings it provides for me. There are some weird characters lurking there from time to time but nothing that would deter me to stop buying the groceries I needed.

Now my mom and I like to recycle and we use the bottle bins where you would get the 5 cents back. YES I am ADMITTING this in public. I am the one who stands against the local Brooklyn Chinese women who refuses to donate  my trash can of plastic and glass bottles. Now that I have confessed my scarlet letter is open to the public.

Then my mom has also taught me the art of coupons. We try to use as many as possible. I have not gotten to the Krazy Coupon lady status but it does save money.

So when we got to the window the coupons got a little confusing because they were both from manufacturers and from ShopRite. That being said a middle aged guy started yelling at both my mother and I that we were cheap, we had no money and of course we were holding up the line. This made me angry and I stood up for myself by saying “if the roles were reversed I would have waited calmly for you.” A second guy got involved. Then there was also an issue being made by additional people by which method of payment we were using: EBT SNAP, Cash, or Credit Card. Apparently if you use a credit card with coupons your extremely poor. At that point I ranted and told him he could either offer the money or “shut-up”  and everybody else “could mind their own business.” Omg, Brooklynites so many people mouthing off at the same time that could led to a headache.

The cashier was also slightly off
her light bulb. We gave her the ticket for the bottle deposit and she didn’t minimize the balance but rather did a whole transaction which made our fans groan in misery some more. Supermarkets tend to have long lines in Brooklyn but this crowd was just obnoxious. I made sure when I made things clear but things got strange when the cashier turned around and said “You are a receiver” with a slightly glazed look on her face.  “IDIOT” and I walked away with my groceries. Why would she even say that as a cashier working in a grocery store?!