Elf’s Beauty Squad

So I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the points for Elf’s Beauty Squad feature. it consisted of me getting excited and having a cart of $80 dollars worth of stuff. I was under the impression that I could utilize the points towards the redemption of some of the goodies in my basket. This was due to the the reason the page at the time said that 6 points = 1 and since I was in the A lister category I had a ton of points. The rewards was obscure and I went into the FAQS for clarification.

It was highly disappointing for me to find out that I could choose one item for five hundred points. For five hundred points I could choose only only gifts that were up to $7 and they weren’t attractive items. At the time ELF had a code that everybody could have utilized which gave three free makeup items and also magazines which was worth way MORE. The redemption codes for the Beauty Squad aren’t befitting the amount of points you need to give up. As the following states :

The first one for 150 points is okay. For 500 points you also get a gift with purchase difference is you can choose it. The 350 points gift is a mystery. 750 points helps you attain 25% off your purchase. Is it for all of ELF items? I don’t know. As new items are not part of promos or redemption’s which makes the Beauty Squad program a complete flop. This is due to the fact that ELF has regular promos for regular items for 40% to 50% off. So its meaningless to have this program and in no regards make me want to spend more money as a consumer just because I am a beauty squad member. Mind you I am an “A” Lister.

My suggestions allow your system to accept two promo codes. Change one of the promo codes, in the Beauty Squad rewards, where the consumer gets gifts. If the consumer does choose gifts for 500 points, let them choose up to $16 dollars worth of items, which is based on the value Elf gave to 150 points. The choose your sale day should encompass all your items on the website. This exception should only be done for the Beauty Squad rewards. Which also means that the consumer can choose their gifts from the new items section as well!

I did end up purchasing some goodies. Especially some new items. Let me know if you would like a review or if you’d ever used the Beauty Squad points before?



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