Rantsofabrooklynite: is BORN

Hi Everyone! Today is the first day that rantsofabrooklynite is up and running. My Blog will showcase the chronic complainer who lives in Brooklyn. Sarcastic, picky and meticulous to the extreme; daily experiences will be shared here. These are no limits to what the rants will entail. I am the Brooklynite that not only will showcase what complaints ruffle my wings but also showcase things that meet the standards of rantsofabrooklynite and impressed my brain cells to being melted into speechlessness. Fellow ranters are encouraged to leave comments, of course in a respectful manner!

I will have a 20 episode series that will highlight my complaints and or speechlessness. My first episode is about an event that I had gone too. It will be titled Halal Happy Hour?! Yeah Right……

This is the first episode and all my episodes will be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This upcoming week brace yourself and stay tuned.




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