Boxy Charm November 2016

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription that retails for $21.00. Each month you get 5 full sized products. This is my third month on the subscription service and I decided to share it. This months box was great. I was so happy with my makeup subscription plus I got an item that so far hasn’t been mentioned in any video or by any blogger. So that is going to be a surprise item as that wasn’t even  mentioned in the sneak peak on any online platform by Boxycharm. This month’s theme was Groovy Town.

  1. Vintage by Illuminating Highlighter: ILLUMINATING FACE HIGHLIGHTER                The packaging is really nice and old school glam. I tried the highlight on and it lasted for quite a long time and had a nice sheen. I had never heard of the brand before the un-boxing but I truly believe this will be a great addition to my collection. The product is full price and retails for $32.00
  2. Skyn Iceland- Icelandic Relief Eye Pen: I own a couple of things from this brand from this brand. First of all this brand is vegan and I really like their Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed skin Lotion which is great for acne which I tend to have. I also already own the pen which I look forward to testing. This retails for $20.Icelandic Relief Eye Pen
  3. Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette: The cool down palette is great but a bit chalky. It did smear for me in the water line towards the end of the night. I did create a great eye look that lasted a long time. The overall value of the palette is $49.95.
  4. Crown Brush C513Peo Detail Crease: I haven’t tried the brush yet but it seems like  a sturdy brush. It’s suppose to be for the crease. The overall value of the brush is $12.99.
  5. Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush: SOFT BLEND BLUSHThere was no inkling that there would be a possible second Studio product for certain subscribers. Its a matte shade and could also be used to contour lightly as mentioned in the card in the box. The value of the blush $17.00 Most subscribers got a lip product so this was a pleasant surprise.                                                                                            The overall value of the box exceeded the $21.00 dollar spent and was a total of $132. This months box exceeded my expectation. Yesterday I almost did a full face makeup look which is mostly impossible with other subscriptions. In conclusion this month’s box was great and well worth my hard earned money.!