September Birchbox 2015 (Ingredients information)

FTC Disclosure: This product was paid for by yours truly. I am currently subscribed to Birchbox and received this on a monthly basis.

Birchbox is a subscription box that retails for $10 a month for you to try new products. Most of the products are high end. They also have a points program where you end up receiving five dollars back for reviewing your samples to redeem for full sized products. For more information you can check it out through my invite link here: or Whichever makes you more comfortable my fellow ranters.

I received my September Birchbox very early. I was really surprised and excited. The box was really nice. The theme was fashioned for Birchbox’s birthday.

A little backstory; I’ve been going crazy with the ingredients in the beauty products that I utilize. I am not vegan by any means but I am concerned about having animal by products derived especially from beef or pork. Pork especially as I don’t even consume that on a daily basis in my diet. This is due to the reason that I am Muslim and practice Halal. So in my research I came to find out a lot of information which I plan to share with my peeps :). I hope this helps.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil - taupeThe full size retails for $23 but my sample size was 0.013 oz. I have to say that the sample should have included a spooley considering that it is a significant part of the product. I researched the ingredients and I haven’t found ingredients containing animal byproducts.
  2. 100% Pure: I like this product tremendously so far for the reason that its vegan. The scent is like vanilla which I am not a fan of but I am hoping that with the passage of time the coffee ingredients will work. I mention in my video why. Full Price Retails at $25.
  3. Raw Spirit Fragrance: I am not a fan of this sample. It is so masculine and mad me sneeze like no tomorrow. I also noticed that one of the ingredients is just Alcohol. I tend to avoid alcohol in my products. It is sort of difficult but I try as best as I can. Retail price is from $40-$90, yikes!
  4. Salon Gioje: Right off the bat I noticed that there was Keratin in the Protein mask. I was concerned due to religious concerns since  I can’t utilize products derived from pork. Thankfully the company had mentioned where the ingredient was derived from on their website. I am happy that its from sheep and also happy with the company’s transparent approach regarding their ingredients. The full product retails for $48.
  5. trestique: I received a concealer in Bisque. I believe that it would be great for under-eye concealing. I also did reach out to the company to make sure the Glycerin in the product wasn’t derived from either beef and pork. The company is fairly new and I come to find that their direct phone number didn’t work. If you email the company it does take them a couple of days for them to get back to you. Full Retail value of this products is $26.

Overall I really liked the box this month and I am excited to try. If you have a subscription box or birchbox let me know in the rant below.


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