Episode 2:


Will I find me?

Lost myself

Through the phrase of pleasing

When will I please……

The window’s freedom

Fully grasped

But the emptiness remains.

When will I please ME?

When will I have the courage?

Strength has weakened, been defeated.

Nobodies there.

No encouragement self made

Broken, love has ambitions.

Dont share people will rip you…..

Vicious, carnivore, teeth clenched

Self made you’ve been

Maintain your shields Always!

Sharing displeases

Covet that one true

In existance? Mayhap Fantasy?

Windows opened.

Dreams been grasped, within grasp

No motivation to move


Ultimately, drained Pleaser

sighs a heaving


Windows opening

led astray

the wanderer met wanderer.

Amble right by

shouldnt notice but given

Window’s Freedom!


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